Ten–Series Review

Forward to the Roots

with Jonathan Martine and Liz Stewart

Please join Liz and Jon in a three part, hands-on session review to help refine and advance your 10-series work.  We will be presenting a traditional approach to the Basic 10 series while infusing additional tools which include:
1. Neural Fascial Mobilization: to effect structural and functional change.
2. Visceral Fascial mobilization: to support appropriate relationship of core and sleeve.
3. Integrative Approaches: session specific back work, neck work and pelvic lift; tracking to reinforce the goals of each session, and proprioceptive awareness exercises.

We will be adding dates for the future. Please feel free to contact us to bring this class to your location!

Jonathan Martine

Jonathan was certified as a Rolfer in 1992 and completed his advanced Rolfing certification in 1997. In addition, he has studied therapies that treat the fascial systems of the viscera (organs), neural (nerve) system and the cranium. His mentors include many of the exceptionally talented structural and movement faculty of the Rolf Institute, and Barral Institute. He complements this foundation with extensive study with Osteopaths, Physical Therapists, Movement Therapists and low back pain experts. Jon’s aim as a teacher is to empower students through a blend of intuition and presence based practice with anatomical stories and glimpses into the new scientific discoveries, to bring more clarity to our work. He is certified in Pilates, is a Registered Movement Therapist and has studied many functional rehabilitative methods. He is a Rolf Institute® Faculty member since 1993. Jonathan draws from the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, Jean-Pierre Barral, DO, Australian PT’s, David Butler, Michael Shacklock, and Chiropractor/Rolfer Don Hazen in a synthesis of neural and visceral fascial related work.

Liz Stewart

Liz Stewart is an Advanced Practitioner and on the Faculty of the Guild for Structural Integration. Liz structures her class for optimal learning: safety and comfort, intense work and reward. As a teacher, she meets you where you are and challenges you, in an inviting way, to reach a higher level of understanding and skill. With kindness and good humor, Liz brings 20 years of open-eyed experience as an SI practitioner to bear on the material she teaches. Liz embodies the wisdom of her mentors, including Peter Melchior and a variety of other influences, in a most accessible, human and articulate way. As “a perpetual student of the work,” she has developed her own style, her own language, her own message.

We will present a layer by layer approach with demonstrations and session exchanges to invite learning through a variety of channels .   This review is an opportunity to refresh skills, learn some new ways of working, receive support and hone abilities. Having a deeper awareness of the structural and functional relationships within the 10 series allows for greater  practitioner confidence and competence.

IASI Credits Available