“I was referred to Jonathan following the surgical repair of a rotator cuff tear. Shortly after beginning his regimen, my shoulder recovered complete range of motion and the pain, which has persisted despite 9 months of physical therapy, resolved. I have referred friends, family, fellow physicians, athletes and strangers seeking advise  and help with chronic conditions unresponsive to other medical modalities to Jonathan. All have responded how grateful they were to come under his care. Many indicate, “It’s the best they have felt in years or “worth every penny”.
“Jonathan’s thoughtful and caring demeanor, dedication to the recovery and maintenance of his client’s well-being and determined quest to acquire and share knowledge make him a tremendous asset to our medical community.”
Derek Konopka, M.D. Chairman, Department of Pathology
“I am a Pathologist and spend long hours at the microscope on a daily basis reviewing slides for diagnostic purposes. This results in repetitive use/misuse of large muscles in my upper back and small muscle groups in my forearms. Fortunately, I learned of Jonathan’s skills through a colleague. Jonathan succeeds where no one else can. The relief of muscle spasm and tension is palpable after a session. Whereas before I was in relatively constant discomfort, I can now function pain free;Jonathan has excellent interpersonal skills and is always very professional in his manner.”
Mary B. Kenny-Moynihan, MD Medical Director-Cytopathology
“Over a decade ago, I had a complete histerectomy. In the last few years I noticed the “bladder drip” that many women have after such a surgery. My medical Doctor told me that the only way to take care of this problem is surgically. I began Rolfing sessions with Jonathan in October and by December I had no more bladder drip! (the restrictions in the bladder to the abdomenal muscles are gone) What a blessing! I’m more energetic, have much more self-esteem and as an added bonus have lost 12 pounds. Thanks!”
Jonathan-M. DeHerrera
“I was looking for a release of deep seated tension in my upper thorax, neck and shoulders. I have suffered from tension headaches and migraines headaches most of my adult life. Since my experience with Rolfing, the incidence of headache has been reduced dramatically-I would say more than half!

“Equally important, I think, is the fact of my body awareness. Before the Rolfing, I had the common mind/body connection so many have, that of a heavy equipment operator perched in the cab of a lumbering machine. Since Rolfing, I have been much more aware of how my body moves, how the various limbs “ride” and inter-relate and the general organic feeling of the body’s gravity and stance.

Jonathan not only manipulated the deep tissues, but explained what was happening and tried to give an intellectual framework for the experience as well as bringing about the intuitive insight in me as to what my body was doing. This for me was very valuable.”
Terry Wahl, Engineer

“After the first session, I experienced free breathing; the lungs opened up; the ribs moved more freely. It felt as if some old burden had been released from my body. My circulation has improved and my hands and feet stay  much warmer now-even the color is much pinker. I practice yoga and my general flexibility is much greater and I do my exercises much more easily now. Because of Rolfing, I think that my mind and body awareness has improved a lot.”
Dascha Friedlova,  Artist
“In October of 2004 I was involved in an automobile accident 6 weeks after completing my fourth Ironman triathlon.  Since the accident and before I met you I was unable to run at all.  I have been unable to compete in triathlons and just sitting in a chair was a painful experience.  When I would bike or swim my back would be unstable for long periods of time.  As someone who has been in the sport since 1988 and owns a multisport coaching business I was not only physically but emotionally lost.

“Prior to visiting with you on January 1, 2007 I had been treated by massage therapists, acupuncturist, three different chiropractors, two neuro surgeons,  and completed 1:1 Pilates sessions.  In short I was desperate and had already written off the fact that I would never be active again let alone compete in triathlons.  I was so bad I couldn’t throw a football to my son without my back slipping out of place.  Almost every medical practitioner I saw told me that it was time to give up my active life style.  At forty-four years of age I was not ready for a sedentary life style.

“After three sessions with you I began running again with significantly less pain.  On March 17th, I ran a 5k race pain free (and was 6th in my age group 40th overall).  My 2007 race calendar is full, my mind is clear and I now have a new found belief that my active life style is not over.  Thank you for your knowledge, wisdom and belief in healing me.  I researched Rolfing extensively as well as spoke with many Rolfers in the area before meeting with you.  There is no doubt in my mind that I made the correct decision in choosing you to save me athletically and emotionally.  Thank you!”
Peter S. Alfino, Level 1 USA T Coach
Highlands Ranch,CO


720 291-4938