Nerve Mobilization for Structural Integrators with Kirstin Schumaker

Kirstin is an excellent teacher and a friend. She is offering classes around the globe and is worth checking out!
Here is her bio and upcoming offerings please visit her site for more information…

My initial study of neural manipulation was with Christoph Sommer (2006, 2009) and
Don Hazen (2007-2008). I also assisted Jon Martine with his neural mobilization
classes (2009-2010), when he came through my home town. (Of these three
teachers, Jon’s style of working with the peripheral nerves is closest to what I do in
my own practice.) More recently (2011-2012), I have studied intensively with Jeffrey
Burch. With Jeff I have primarily studied visceral manipulation and osteopathic
methods, but I’ve also picked up some of his tricks for working with nerves and
arteries. (Yes, the artery network is a whole new frontier! Similar to, yet different
from, working with the neural net.)

My structural integration practice is now based on what I am calling “neurally
informed” myofascial work. I can no longer not pay attention to nerves (and arteries)
as I work with the myofascia. This advanced SI work is amazingly efficient, and it is
very fun to teach.

Kirstin Schumaker, LMT, BCSICM
Agile Body Structural Integration
6018 SE Stark Street, Suite 103, Portland, Oregon 97215