Posture and Emotions

rolfing and postureWhenever we hold on to emotional tension, there is a corresponding holding in our physical bodies. Each day we keep our feelings and emotions in check to manage our lives. At one time or another, we all have held our breath in a frightening situation or tensed up under stress. If this only happens occasionally, the body is less likely to hold on to the gesture.

However, if this is a response that persists over time we may create a neuro-muscular pattern, often unconsciously. It may be necessary and useful to brace ourselves against these events. Now the stimulus, a stressful situation or traumatic event, has long passed, but our bodies remain stuck with a pattern that has outlived its usefulness.

We are using energy to maintain these unconscious patterns, that we could use to do the things we love. We hold our bodies in a way that no longer corresponds to who we are today. Rolfing and Rolfing Movement address these patterns. As our physical bodies become more balanced we have more ease and energy for our present lives.
Rolfing can support therapy and other contemplative and transformative practices.

Throughout and after your Rolfing series you may experience increased mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and clarity.