Resolving Low Back Pain

Integrating Joint and Neural Manipulation into an SI Approach

John deMahy RN and Jon Martine

• When a client comes in with low back pain, are you often confused about what is
causing the pain and how to proceed?
• Do you have difficulty applying spinal mechanics in your practice?

“A client with low back pain often suffers from an array of compensations caused by joint movement restrictions in the pelvis and lumbar spine. The pelvic/lumbar joint restriction algorithm empowers practitioners to assess and alleviate these restrictions in 15-25 minutes, greatly reducing or eliminating the pain, inflammation and compensations and leaving ample time for addressing the holistic goals of Structural Integration.

In this class you will:
1. Develop a practical knowledge of joint restrictions in the pelvis and lumbar spine
2. Learn an algorithm (assessment/treatment protocol) for joint restrictions in the pelvis and lumbar spine.
3. Learn a repertoire of muscle energy techniques to gently release restrictions in the lumbar spine and pelvis.
4.Learn neural- and visceral-fascial mobilizations for the lumbar spine and pelvis.
5.Integrate this information into the principles and strategies of Structural Integration
6.Receive a manual to assist in perfect your new skill once you return to your practice
Questions about the class contact call John at 504-715-7455 or
or Jonathan at  720-226-1508

John deMahy R.N., Certified Advanced Rolfer®, began his career in orthopedics and emergency nursing. He has had a robust Rolfing® practice in New Orleans. Greatly influenced by the work of Dr. Philip Greenman D.O., John is the author of Joint Restrictions in Structural Integration. This text presents his simple and effective algorithm for the assessment and treatment of joint restrictions in the lumbar spine and pelvis. He is a graduate of the Rolf Institute (1985), the Louisiana State Nursing School (1978), and Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute (2005). John taught Dance Kinesiology at the University of North Carolina Charlotte. He continues to teach continuing education in manual therapies as well as anatomy and kinesiology at various yoga teacher trainings.

Jonathan Martine was certified as a Rolfer in 1992 and completed his advanced Rolfing certification in 1997. In addition, he has studied therapies that treat the fascial systems of the viscera (organs), neural (nerve) system and the cranium. He is a Registered Movement Therapist, Pilates Instructor and Rolf Institute® Faculty member since 1993. Jonathan draws from the work of French Osteopaths, Alain Corbier, Jean-Pierre Barral, Chiropractic Neurologist Dr. Michael Allen, Australian PT’s, David Butler, Michael Shacklock, Rehabilitation specialist Mark Comerford and Chiropractor/Rolfer Don Hazen in a synthesis of nerve related work. Jonathan is dedicated to presenting and developing effective strategies to restore function, improve performance and relieve suffering. His ongoing inquiry drives him toward useful and complementary approaches for all manual therapists.