“Clients are stopping me in parking lots and coming in without an appointment just to let me know how grateful they are to be out of back pain. It’s wonderful. I am grateful because throughout my training, basic, continuing, and advanced,…… I was having a hard time getting the hang of lower back/spinal mechanics in a definitive way that helped people. I came away frustrated and discouraged because I wasn’t feeling how to resolve things and wasn’t sure about what I was actually doing. Your algorithm is simple, repeatable, and a wonderful teaching cycle. I feel more confident and capable when someone comes in with back pain. It’s made work more fun and less stressful. “
Sharon Madden Advanced Certified Rolfer®

“I met Jon Martine 10 years ago when I came to Boulder for Rolfing School. I am a Physical Therapist and a Rolfer and have had the unique experience of being his student, his client and his colleague. He taught my first Rolfing class as well as several classes after that. I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and understanding of the structure of the human body. He is able to see the “big picture” and pull together the nervous system, the fascial system, range of motion, posture and movement. However, it is Jon’s ability to communicate this knowledge to his students that really makes him an effective teacher. He has the ability to put the information in a context that his students can understand and relate to. I have also been a client of Jon’s for the past 10 years. Because he has such an in depth understanding of the human body he can quickly assess and treat. And, he is able to translate this knowledge to his hands. I have a long history of cervical and thoracic problems and have been treated by numerous physical therapists, many who were Certified Orthopedic Therapists and I feel that Jon has the best manual skills and the best knowledge of anyone who has worked on me. He understands what’s going on with me and can effectively treat me. The specific treatment techniques he has used in my treatment include Rolfing, visceral manipulation, neural manipulation, structural integration and movement re-education. As a patient, physical therapist and student I believe Jon is more than qualified to teach a class on neural manipulation. “
Kristine Byrne, PT, CR.

“As a Rolfer, a student, and a client of John deMahy, I highly recommend him to those who are interested in learning how to resolve joint-based issues of the spine and pelvis. deMahy uses a blend of simple, osteopathic and muscle-energy techniques to diagnose and treat joint restrictions. His step-by-step procedures are gentle and easy to learn. I guarantee that you will use his information and techniques every day in your practice. deMahy’s work will improve your practice and your patients’ quality of life.”
Mollie Day, Certified Rolfer®