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Integrative Strategies for Manual Therapy for Structural Integrators, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists and Manual Therapists

ISMT was formed by Jonathan Martine, who is joined by many talented practitioners and teachers.

While our primary focus is on developing strategies to complement the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf and Structural Integration; we find that these approaches are relevant for all manual therapists.The fascias and other connective tissues in the body provide a medium for change.

Our classes explore this unique, pervasive tissue as it wraps, envelopes, protects and supports the muscles, nerves, organs, vessels, joints and bones. We are dedicated to presenting and developing effective strategies to restore function, improve performance and relieve suffering. Our ongoing inquiry drives us toward useful and complementary approaches. Come along on the path.


 Neural Part 1 Peripheral Nerves of Shoulder and Pelvic Girdles


April 13-16

Neural Mobilization Part 1

Helena, Montana

August 3-7

Presenters Lisa Fairman and Jonathan Martine

This 5-day workshop in Montana examines the relationship of neural-fascial restriction in the shoulder and pelvic girdles to structural imbalances and myofascial and movement patterns. When the body has nerve fascia that is restricted and fails to glide, the entire system becomes pre-occupied. Reducing this “pre-occupation” is necessary for reducing pain and restoring optimal function. Through the blending of touch and cuing, strategies will be explored that evoke and invite awareness and inform integrative movement.

Neural 1 – full 4 days-Peripheral Nerves of Shoulder and Pelvic Girdles

Dolores, Colorado

August 23-26
Sophia Retreat Center 19581 Road 13, Dolores, Co.

Neural Part 3

Seattle, Washington

September 6-8, 2018
Details coming soon

A Systems Approach to Vitality and Personal Agency

Bend, Oregon

October  2-5

Presenters Suzanne Picard and Jonathan Martine Rolf Movement Faculty
This workshop will integrate axial and appendicular approaches to address spinal challenges blending anatomical understanding and manual approaches with perception and coordination. Topics covered include scoliosis, common spinal dysfunctions-habitual and traumatic- and recovering spinal fluency with session based interventions and home lessons.

The 4 day class will include: 3 days Rolf Movement credit with one day hands on manipulation for Neural Fascia and visceral Fascia related to spinal issues.

Neural Part 3

Dalkey, Ireland

November 1-4, 2018

3 day Movement for Spinal Therapeutics Workshop for Scoliosis and Spinal Health

European Rolf Institute Annual conference, Berlin

November 8-10 workshop
Jonathan Martine and Suzanne Picard will be in Berlin for the European Rolf Institute Annual conference before the Fascia Research conference. They will teach a 3 day Movement for Spinal Therapeutics workshop for Scoliosis and spinal health before the meeting and present a one hour talk during the meeting November 11.

Neural Part 1

Salt Lake City, Utah

November or December, 2018
Details Coming Soon


Jon Martine with class content questions at Ph: 303-702-0681

Jim Mc Mahon to register at Ph: 00353 86 8054128